Spry Living loves our mission and our bakery

Spry Living loves our mission and our bakery

Spry Living, an online resource for common sense health, wellness, and lifestyle advise, has voted Molly’s as one of the nation’s best gluten-free bakeries.


With a simple myth to dispel, “Gluten intolerance doesn’t have to be a grim diagnosis for someone with a sweet tooth,” — Spry Living searched the country for bakeries that helped them prove the myth wrong.


“… Mary, a second-generation gluten-free baker, insists that her motive behind operating this bakery was simple: “[Being gluten-free] shouldn’t mean feeling like the only one with a plate of different food. School lunches should still include your favorite PB&J. And a happy birthday should include a delicious cake… So if you long for the days of piping hot French loafs, sandwich bread that actually holds together, pull-apart pretzels that are perfectly soft and chewy, and crumble-free cookies that taste just like grandma’s, then stop your search at Molly’s Gluten-Free Bakery. This Wisconsin gem has garnered five-star ratings and rave reviews from nearly every patron, and customers insist that the high-quality baked goods are some of the very best they’ve ever tasted—gluten free or otherwise. Highlights include ‘I-can’t-believe-it’s-gluten-free’ cupcakes, delectable ginger snap cookies, and the perfect mock rye sandwich bread…”


Thanks Spry Living for a grin we’ll be wearing for quite a while.


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