This holiday, adorn your table with Molly's Christmas cookies.

Enjoy our mexican wedding cakes, spritz cookies and chocolate chip bombs. Make your guests delighted with our one-of-a-kind cut-out cookies, plain or frosted and decorated with the colors of the seasons. And taste one of our personal favorites, our decorated, gingerbread men. So go ahead and turn those Ho Ho Ho’s into Oh Oh Oh’s — as they leave the cookie plate with nothing but crumbs.

Christmas cookies can be ordered through December 16th by either downloading and faxing in the form below or calling us at the bakery. Should you forget to order, we may still have some cookies available at the bakery on a first-come, first-served basis through the Friday before Christmas. Call for availability. Orders will be available for pickup between December 6th and December 23rd.


1 lb. Assorted Box $16.75
Iced Cut-out Cookies (dairy-free) 4/$6.75
Plain Cut-out Cookies (dairy-free) 4/$5.75
Large Gingerbread Men (dairy-free) $2.50/ea. 
Egg & Dairy Free Cookies
1/2lb. Mini Red & Green Sugar Cookies $8.50
Iced Cut-out Cookies 4/$6.75
Plain Cut-out Cookies 4/$5.75
Large Gingerbread Men (plain) $2.00/ea.